Old Woman Walking is a book in progress about my roamings in the red rock deserts of Southern Utah (where I took the photograph to the left*) and the high altitude ponderosa forests of Northern Arizona. A lot of photographs--I'm a late blooming nature photographer--which is why I intend to include a CD, because there are too many to be practical to print in a book, especially in color. I also want to do some audio narration of slide shows, there will be Podcasts for registered readers of the book, and a blog. My objective is to create a true multimedia book.

Issues connected with aging is a subtheme of book--I'm 75 now, and age is an issue.

The book will be a combination of a traditional printed book and a CD with photographs, voice, and animations. This site is a means to try out material for the CD, since CD content will be viewed on computer screens.

If you would like to be notified when the blog is activated or when content is added to this web page, send an email to Toni OldWomanWalking.com and of course insert the @ sign between Toni and OldWomanWalking.

*All photos on this site have copyright info digitally embedded. You are welcome to download them for your personal pleasure, but you may not sell or use them for any commercial purpose, or post them on the web unless you pay me for their use. The digital copyright can be detected by Digimarc's tracking software. The copyright watermark cannot be removed.

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